Third Time Lucky for Rod Stewart

Singer Rod Stewart is to get marry again, this time to Penny Lancaster.

It seems the rock star took Lancaster to Paris and on bended knee atop the Eiffel Tower asked her to marry him.

In a statement today his record company BMG said the couple had been seeing each other for over five years and the wedding is expected to take place this year.

Stewart, 60, said: “I left it this long because I wanted to get it right this time.”

“I’ve never been happier and more in love than I am today.”

Lancaster, 33, spoke through her agent saying they would wait until Stewart’s divorce form Rachel hunter was finalized before setting a date.

The spokeswoman added that it would be: “Rod’s preference is to get married in Scotland, if possible,” Stewart has long held himself an honorary Scotsman.

This will be Rod Stewart’s third marriage having been married to Hunter and Alana Stewart.

Still no one can say he has lost his romantic touch, Paris in spring indeed…

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