Things we love: Monkey Mat makes the world more usable

We are pitched so many products, when one stands out so brilliantly, we have to shout about it.

Yet another genius American mother has created something called a Monkey Mat®, disgusted by the lack of anything fast and easy to throw down so her kids wouldn’t catch a bug in a hotel room or on grass that a dog may have relieved himself on.

Think about it…how many times have you been hiking, or at a park or the beach unexpectedly and had nothing clean to sit down on for you and the family? How about airport floors while waiting to board?


The super smart feature of this simple washable weighted mat is the portability. It comes in a small 6 inch square that fits in a purse or car glove compartment easily, and can be tossed in a suitcase without hogging room. The weights at the corners keep it tethered to planet Earth.

It is important to treat your Monkey Mat® with care per the washing instructions on care tag. There are a number of factors that can diminish its performance, such as; body oils, abrasion, and rough repeated launderings. Therefore machine wash cold with tumble dry low is critical to maintaining the water repellant feature, and can even revive the fabric.


These adorable portable mats come in all colors and are easy to take anywhere. You can use them for playtime, picnics, and even yoga in the park! They’re also perfect for travel allowing your child a safe place to play on a hotel floor. They have an easy zip, clip-n-go system, and they aren’t as bulky as a blanket.

From their website:

TIP: Liquid spills wipe right up AND dirt, crumbs, grass, messes shake off easily!
TIP: Quickly & easily tie together corner loops of multiple Monkey Mats® if you need even more space!
TIP: Easy buckle strap can secure to OUTSIDE of any purse, diaper bag, stroller, cooler, bike handle, luggage, cooler, belt loop, even wrist!
TIP: Use anything around you through corner loops for more secure grounding – sticks, plastic shovels, etc!
TIP: Fold neatly or stuff into pouch! For optimal stuffing, grab corner opposite pouch, wrap mat around hand repeatedly, stuff right in…then zip, clip ‘n go!
TIP: Weighing ~10oz & with compact 6”x6” attached storage pouch, the Monkey Mat® is the ultimate definition of portable!
TIP: Tumble dry to remove wrinkles, if so desired.

The Monkey Mat® is a water repellant product. It can resist “spillage” on the mat (which beads up easily to be wiped right off), but cannot prevent some seep-through when placed on a completely wet surface (as waterproof would).


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