The X – Factor Does Crocodile Rock In Homage To Elton John

Unlike last week’s X-Factor where the chosen songs were supposed to be American Anthems, this week we got a mix of Anthems and American-produced pop songs instead.

This weeks X – Factor stayed with their chosen theme for the night, which was the songs of Elton John.

Upon first hearing what the theme was I struggled to decide whether this was going to be a good or bad thing. Fact is, I am a fan of Elton John, especially when it comes to the songs that he recorded in the 70s and 80s and the early part of the 90s when he did the “Lion King” with Tim Rice.

But it did give the judges more opportunity to bitch than usual, which is something that Louis Walsh has been excelling at in recent weeks, and last night he was so bad that Simon threatened to have him removed.

The show got off to a bumpy start with Paije Richardson who sang a rather iffy rendition of Crocodile Rock, which though sand well. It just felt like a bad song choice for the vocalist who has more of a soulful voice.

Cher Lloyd did a mishmash with ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ and put in a strong performance in terms of she definitely put her mark on the song, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Katie, who always sounds very pitchy to me sang her own rendition of ‘Saturday Night’s Alright’, which totally had me reaching for some stimulants so Sunday would hurry up and arrive.

Fair enough the girl has an image, and she’s very quirky and a bit of a drama queen, but sorry! She can’t sing any of the songs she is given all that well. She always comes off as sounding very pitchy because most the songs she is given or attempts to sing were written for people with much more powerful voices than she has.

Aiden Grimshaw dropped back to his usual game of completely messing up the song by doing to much to it in order to put his own spin on it. Some songs you can’t really do that to much with and “Rocket Man” is one of them. So I wasn’t impressed with Grimshaw, who should now be dubbed the Song Killer.

Mary Byrne put in a fairly confident showing last night, and won the audience and judges back over after a poor showing in last weeks show, but her rendition of ‘Circle Of Life’ didn’t really do all that much for me.

By far the strongest vocal performances last night came as ever from Rebecca Fergusan who closed the show with a brilliantly sang version of ‘Goodbye Norma Jean’ and Matt Cardle who completely blown me away with his version of  ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, which also blew the judges away.

Louis Walsh said: “Before I’m removed from the building, I’m glad someone came out that I absolutely love. You are the one everybody has to beat.”

While Simon who was worried about the show being to big for Matt said that his performance took him up a few gears from previous weeks.

Wagner put in an awful rendition of ‘I’m Still Standing’, which I kind of figured was an ironic song choice given that its a miracle that this man has survived the competition, but I have to wonder when the joke is going to get old.

Of course it was the Sunday results show, which would have had many a 30 something screaming because it seen the world premier of Take That’s new single, and the much talked about return of Robbie Williams to the boy band, which dominated the early to mid 90s.

The first thing of note about this week’s result show is that Wagner survived yet another week, but got a somewhat mixed reaction from the studio audience in as we definately heard a few boos.

The sing off was between Aiden Grimshaw, and deservedly so and Katie, who reportedly scored low in the phone vote.

First up to sing was Aiden Grimshaw, who has made a habit of looking very moody and pouting a lot throughout the series. Something he did throughout his rendition of ‘Don’t Dream It Over’ and for me this worked quite well.

Katie chose to sing ‘Save Me From Myself’ by Christina Aguilera.

Simon after spending a bit of time looking pensive, chose to send Aiden Home, which left Cheryl in the situation of saving Katie as well. When it came to Dannii she obviously chose Aiden, which left the final decision with Louis who chose to send Katie home sending the result into deadlock.

Which means the person with the least support from the public goes home and that person was Aiden Grimshaw, which could only mean that Katie made a deal with a cross roads demon or something because virtually every week she’s been up she has survived…

So now it looks like we’re down to just eight acts, but the question is. Who will win the eventual sing off between Katie and Wagner? Of course that’s on the assumption that some sort of cataclysmic event doesn’t happen to make it possible for Wagner to get through to the final.

Stay tuned, and I will be back with more barbs, sarcasm, cliches and whatever else I can come up with in about two weeks time.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.