The Wichenford Court Murder – Book Review

A murder at Wichenford Court mirrors a murder that took place a couple of centuries earlier in exactly the same spot. The victim was not exactly popular and the suspects are all too numerous. Inspector Wickfield and his assistant, Sergeant Holbrook have the task of trying to untangle the various strands. 

Linking into the investigation are missed business opportunities, family antagonisms, threats to jobs and suicide. This is not an easy read. Set in the late 1950’s it is written in a style reminiscent of the time, with long paragraphs and a great deal of detail.  It is hard to feel a connection with the characters, as I read it everything felt as though the story was set at a distance. 

The plot was long winded and did lose my attention. This is a book which will appeal to anyone who enjoys period literature, particularly stories written in aftermath of the Second World War.  As a study of society in the period, it is very good – as a crime story it is just a little too longwinded for comfort.