‘The Wedding Bells’ ring on Fox

“The Wedding Bells,” will be shown on Fox tonight, and is Boston boy producer David Kelley’s latest sex-and-romance drama.  No "Stinka", this show is Kelley’s latest tv offering that many critics say is essentially a man’s take on women who are engrossed in one particular occupation that (straight) men don’t really have any interest in. <P></P> <P>Kelley has created The Wedding Bells as a show featuring three sisters named Bell who run a wedding studio. Each week, a different bride and groom pass through the Bells’ business. </P> <P>The head Bell is Jane played by Teri Polo, married to Russell played by Benjamin King.  Annie is palyed by KaDee Strickland as the cold Bell, and David is played by Michael Landes. Sammy played by Sarah Jones, is the vampy Bell with a bad habit of sleeping with grooms. There’s also a wedding singer played by Ralph Snow, and a cook played by Costas Mandylor.</P> <P> </P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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