The Story of Qiu Ju debuts on DVD in April

From internationally acclaimed director Zhang Yimon (House of Flying Daggers, Jet Li’s Hero) comes The Story of Qiu Ju, a tale of one woman’s frustrating fight for justice, on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on April 4, 2006 with a suggested retail price of $24.96. The cover art and special features for the DVD have not been announced yet, but we will post them as soon as they are released.

The Story of Qiu Ju’s Director Zhang Yimou has often focused on sweeping historical dramas but here he turns his attention to contemporary life. This film is a gem in its depiction of an Everywoman’s struggle for justice in an impersonal world. Gong Li turns in a stellar performance playing an innocent who simply wants people to do what is right as she manages to bring a human dimension into a world where it seems as though just about everyone is watching a clock and looking for a way to pass the buck.

Li plays Qiu Ju, an average woman in a rural village whose life is unexceptional until her husband is physically attacked by the village elder.  When the elder refuses to apologize, Qiu Ju decides to seek legal action with the help of a local magistrate.  Soon, her quest for simple justice balloons into a series of frustrating battles with a complicated and unproductive bureaucracy.

The Story of Qiu Ju is available for pre-order at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for the UK. Visit the DVD’s database for more information.

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