The Soul Collectors – Book Review

Don’t read this book at bedtime!  As a child, Charlie Rizzo was abducted. Now he is back and holding his family hostage.  He demands to meet Darby McCormick, a police officer who investigated his abduction.

When she arrives, she discovers he is horribly mutilated. A mask of human skin has been sewn over his face.  Then, intruders break in and kill the entire Rizzo family, leaving Darby barely alive. Other murders and mutilations soon follow. 

Darby is determined to find answers to the questions that plague her – why was Charlie mutilated? Who are The Twelve?  Why are the FBI reluctant to get involved?

An unusual crime story which does grip the reader, and makes you want to know what happens next.  There is plenty of action mounting to a dramatic conclusion amid a network of tunnels.