The series that brought anime to the western World like you have never seen it before


The groundbreaking series that almost single-handedly introduced anime to the Western World and sparked the transforming robot phenomenon of the 1980s, ROBOTECH finally comes to the UK on DVD for the first time ever!

The two-disc ROBOTECH REMASTERED – EXTENDED EDITION VOLUME 1 features the first 12 episodes of the 36-episode “The Macross Saga”, all digitally remastered and featuring extended, never-before-seen footage and outtakes. It all amounts to five hours worth of eye-popping mecha action.
It’s the year 1999, and the Earth is embroiled in a Global War that is systematically destroying every country involved. The international conflict is brought to a sudden end when a giant alien spaceship crashlands on the South Pacific island of Macross. This evidence of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization brings with it fears of alien invasion and soon the world’s leading scientists are united in investigating the stricken ship in a bid to understand the complex “Robotech” technology responsible for its construction and operation. It is believed such an understanding could be mankind’s only defence against outside forces.
Ten years later, the damaged alien ship – the Super Dimension Fortress One (SDF-1) – has been restored and is preparing for its maiden flight amidst great global celebration. But the party is over almost as soon as it is started when another huge alien vessel appears in Earth’s orbit. It is the first of a fleet of ships belonging to the warrior race of the Zentraedi. Intent on galactic conquest, the Zentraedi are determined to take control of the SDF-1 and to destroy the earth in the process. But, with their newly found understanding of Robotech, a small group of human pilots are prepared to fight back against the seemingly superior alien firepower.
An epic sci-fi fable that spans three generations of human struggle against alien domination, ROBOTECH is one of the most successful anime franchises of all time. The series has inspired two animated feature film spin-offs as well as countless novels, comic books, toys and video games.
ROBOTECH REMASTERED – EXTENDED EDITION VOLUME 1 (cert. PG) will be released on DVD (£16.99) by Manga Entertainment on 26th September 2005.
Boobytrap; Countdown; Space Fold; The Long Wait; Transformation; Blitzkrieg; Bye-bye Mars; Sweet Sixteen; Miss Macross; Blind Game; First Contact; The Big Escape.

‘Robotech Remastered – Extended Edition Vol. 1′ is available for pre-order via AmazonUK, as of yet there has been no US release date given for this version.
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