The Secret Crown – Book Review

Action packed, exciting and a thoroughly enjoyable plot all combine to create a really good read.  When a series of crates are discovered in a former Nazi bunker containing documents stamped with a black swan – the insignia of the nineteenth century king Ludwig of Bavaria, questions soon start to be asked. 

His death had long been a mystery.  Declared insane by his government in 1886, he was removed from the throne and one day later was found dead in a lake.  Was he murdered or did he commit suicide?  What secret was silenced by his death?  With the rediscovery of these long lost documents, hidden secrets begin to resurface. 

Jonathan Payne and David Jones seek to protect the documents but soon find themselves locked in battle against an unknown enemy who is prepared to kill them.  To avoid this fate, they realize that they need to solve the mystery behind the king’s death. Locations spread across Germany and even Italy, with some stunning underground scenes in Bavaria which are brilliantly evoked as the story progresses. 

Kuzneski has an ability to bring a story and its various locations alive, enabling you to actually see and imagine the places even if you have never been there before.  A well crafted, fascinating story which leaves you with a desire to know more about this mad king of Bavaria.