The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes – Book Review

Irresistible reading for anyone who enjoys history mysteries. Dr. Watson is again chronicling the cases of Sherlock Holmes.  The stories are a good attempt at recapturing the style and world which Conan Doyle created.  Certainly the stories are entertaining, and convincing. 

A widow with three hands leaves a church, while a skeleton with a silver locket is unearthed in a back garden. Then there is the story of the mysterious woman who brings a counterfeit painting into an art dealer’s office.  And what of the farmer who is found dead in a barn, seemingly stabbed twice. Is his son really to blame?

Was Mlle Lucille Carere really murdered? Nothing is quite as it seems – in every case the story becomes more complex than it appears at first glance.  All the usual characters reappear including Lestrade seeking help from the Great Detective.

A little more atmosphere  might be helpful but overall an enjoyable collection of short stories worthy of Conan Doyle.  I thoroughly enjoyed them.