The Royal wedding of Kate and Wills, a 2008 nuptial?

As I reported a year ago, the story is far from over regarding the Royal love match that is Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Now reports surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William are heating up again in the British press.

The Queen is reportedly their biggest cheerleader.

According to Us Weekly, it seems Queen Elizabeth wants Prince William and Kate Middleton together and she is “pulling” for the couple to keep their relationship strong.

According to the report, her Royal Highness invited Wills girlfriend on her annual pheasant-hunting trip in England’s Windsor Great Park December 18. 

“It was a gift from the Queen.  She asked that William bring Kate – she knows how serious they are,” says a source. 

As for the British press report that Middleton has moved into William’s Clarence House digs, a Middleton pal says it just seems that way because of the time they spend together.  “She still has all her belongings at her flat.”

Those royal keepsake plates made over a year ago may not be a wash after all.

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