The Paladin Prophecy – Book Review

A hefty read covering some 600 odd pages – but it is well worth the effort.  As befits a book by the co-creator of Twin Peaks; it is mysterious and other worldly – yet very much set in our world.  Will has been taught all his life never to step out of line, never to attract attention to himself. 

Then one day, he undergoes a SATS test and finds himself top ranked.  He is offered a scholarship to an exclusive school then gets home and finds his parents have changed.

Knowing that he will most likely die if he stays where he is, he takes up the scholarship offer and flees his home town.  But where is safety?  Is the new school all that it seems? Something strange is going on in the locker room.  Who is trying to kidnap him? Who are the Black Caps? Why have all the scholarship children been identified via SATS results? Will is determined to find answers. 

Helped by his roommates, he stumbles on a far reaching conspiracy which threatens his life and that of others.  To make matters worse, there are also other worldly creatures such as the Wendigo arriving – and they are not good news. Once you get into it, the book is riveting.  You just have to keep reading in order to find out what happens. Characterization is good.

Will really comes to life through the pages of this book.  More books in this series are set to follow – and I await them eagerly.

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