The Lord of the Rings opens today

***image2:left***Toronto: The massive stage production of Tolkien’s epic novels opens today at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theater.

The creators of the Lord of the Rings are quick to say that this incarnation is not a musical, more like a theatrical event or play with music, so don’t expect Gollum to sing a love song about his precious. With more than $8 million in advanced sales, the show has big shoes to fill.


The Lord of the Rings features direction by Matthew Warchus, book and lyrics by Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus, and music by A.R Rahman and Varttina with Christopher Nightingdale.

Starring in the production is Brent Carver as Gandalf, James Loye as Frodo, Evan Buliung as Aragorn, Richard McMillan as Saruman, Peter Howe as Sam, Dylan Roberts as Merry, Owen Sharpe as Pippin, Gabriel Burrafato as Legolas, Dion Johnstone as Boromoir, Carly Street as Arwen, Victor A. Young as Elrond, Kerry Dorey as Theoden, Kristin Galer as Rosie, Rebecca Jackson Mendoza as Galadriel, and Cliff Saunders as Bilbo.

See some images from the production here.

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