The last ‘Bones’ for a while as MLB takes over Fox on Thursdays

‘Bones’ – The Body and the Bounty: A new squint debuts in an episode that is, in a word, “amazing!”
Here’s this episode’s summary from “The team goes on a search for missing body parts after they find a decomposing skull and hands in a dumpster. After the victim is identified as a bounty hunter who was searching for a killer named Braverman, the team discovers that someone else is looking for Braverman as well, resulting in a chase with an unexpected suspect. Meanwhile, Brennan makes children’s show star Professor Bunsen Jude “The Science Dude” her new intern.”
David Alan Grier adds “Bones” to the list of television shows he has appeared on, doing his own take-off on Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Professor Jude is an inspiration to young scientists everywhere, complete with clichés and experimentation to appeal to the young minds he entertains. He poses Brennan the following challenge—if he proves helpful during her next case, she’ll appear as a guest on his show.
During a dumpster dive, two people discover the remains of Wolf, a bounty hunter after a killer named Braverman. The trick is that the killer’s own wife is scheduled to testify against him.
As usual, red herrings abound, including Wolf’s cancer-stricken boss, who wears an obvious wig. Also, Braverman’s wife is in the mix as well.
A few ongoing storylines fade away this week, including Booth’s new live-in girl friend. We do get a mention of Angela’s child, who may get named Temperance.
When recruited by Booth to help with the case, Sweets must boil an extensive session about having a sex change operation down to two minutes. Yikes!
When science points the finger at a “potato gun,” can that really be the cause of death? Let’s just say that, for pointing Bones and Booth in the right direction, Brennan appears as “The Bone Lady” on The Science Dude’s show, which is set right in the Jeffersonian itself.
It’s another fun hour, full of science, character and mystery, and it’s “amazing!”
Next week, Major League Baseball takes over Fox on Thursday nights for a while, but stay tuned—“Bones” will be back soon!

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