The Isis Covenant – Book Review

Hints that a long hidden treasure has appeared lead quickly to murder.  Two families are killed, one in England and one in America.  The only link between them is a German art thief who disappeared at the end of the Second World War. 

Art recovery specialist Jamie Saintclair is called in by New York detectives to help out.  His task is to track down references to the lost Crown of Isis, claimed to part of the treasure of Queen Dido of Carthage. Stolen from the Temple of Isis in AD 64, it had been thought lost until this point. How did it come to Nazi Germany? Where is it now? Who holds it? 

There are lots of candidates – and lots of people hunting for it. Many will stop at nothing to get it.  For Jamie Saintclair and his detective friend Danny, the threats become all too real.  Nazi’s, fascist groups, occult groups and art specialists are all searching for this lost treasure. Who will get there first? And which of these groups is responsible for the murders? 

It becomes very personal when Jamie’s secretary is attacked. Quite a gripping novel, and very entertaining.  It is a good story for a leisurely Sunday afternoon, when you just want to relax or for a long railway journey.