The Immortal Showcase Features Rob Schamberger’s Art

The Immortal Showcase book cover art An exceptional artist of WWE Champions,  capturing their energy and movement in vivid use of color and medium, Rob Schamberger’s art is regularly featured on the WWE Auctions and Shop WWE websites too which are posted below. Rob will be painting a portrait of “Macho Man” Randy Savage live at WrestleMania Axxess.  Savage, of course, leads this year’s class of WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

WrestleMania 19

Schamberger’s popularity among fans and wrestlers alike continues to grow with every exhibition.  The wrestler gave a detailed interview to where he credits his single mother …and now his wife for fueling and fanning the flames of his talent. He also reveals incredible anecdotes about some of wrestling’s greatest names. An excerpt from interview:

Arguably Schamberger’s most famous piece is also the one that means the most to him personally. It was a hand-painted jacket that the Ultimate Warrior famously wore to the ring in his emotional — and fateful — return to a WWE ring after his hall of fame induction at last year’s WrestleMania.

Warrior, who had a public and long fallout with the company following his departure in the 1990s, returned to the WWE and wore the jacket that Schamberger painted to the ring in his first in-ring appearance in the WWE in years. He delivered a passionate message to his “warriors” that night, much to the delight of fans in attendance and all over the world.

Tragically, he died the very next day.

For many reasons, the Warrior jacket is special to Schamberger.

“I think from my heart, that will be the one that will always be my favorite.”

It was, Schamberger said, the Ultimate Warrior who reached out to him to paint the jacket.

In addition to painting live outside of Axxess in the three days leading up to WrestleMania 31 (March 29), Rob will debut his first WWE art book, The Immortal Showcase, at Axxess. Rob’s artwork will also be available for purchase.

The Immortal Showcase features Schamberger’s individual paintings of the first 30 WrestleManias, as seen on WWE’s popular Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube series. The 40-page art book also includes an introduction written by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

RS Steve Austin portrait

In The WrestleMania Series, Rob painted separate pieces for each WrestleMania event.


“After painting live at WrestleMania 30 Axxess in New Orleans, I first-hand saw how important this event is to people from around the world, inspiring me to create this body of work,” said Schamberger.

WrestleMania 6

Each Monday in the weeks leading into WrestleMania 31, Rob’s Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube videos for WWE showed the process for making some of the paintings that celebrate the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

“WrestleMania XIX hits the canvas:

WrestleMania VI”:

Rob painted a live portrait (attached) of Steve Austin at SummerSlam in Los Angeles, and it was auctioned for the ConnersCure charity.

Here is a video of all of Rob Schamberger’s paintings From 2014!:

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