The Hunters – Book Review

An action thriller with a vengeance – it grabs you the moment you start reading the first page and never stops from that point onwards.  Something seems to happen on every page. 

Interestingly, he is also following some parts of his own family lore – while researching his family history in a place called Ruthenia (that no longer exists); he came across references to Romanian treasures sent to Moscow for protection.

The rest is history as it proved the perfect setting for a novel.  A computer wizard, weapons expert, historian and thief are among the renegade group brought together to find a Romanian legendary treasure last seen in 1916.  Soon after it arrived in Moscow, the Russians severed diplomatic relations and scattered the treasure into a variety of locations. 

When hints of its presence begin to surface, the hunt is on. After all, with a value of over $4.5 billion, it is extremely attractive.  The big question is who can find it first?  Well-paced with an interesting plot, the storyline gallops along keeping the reader constantly entertained. 

Judging by the ending, more volumes starring these new characters are on their way – which should make entertaining reading for those days when you don’t want to concentrate on anything, just relax.