The House of Velvet and Glass – Book Review

Set in Boston, US during the aftermath of the Titanic disaster, this novel looks at the impact it had on the lives of those who lost family members.  Sibyl Allston lost her mother and sister in the disaster.  Now she is seeking to contact them via a medium. Overcome by visions in a crystal ball, Sibyl finds herself challenged mentally and emotionally.  What is she seeing? Are they past events – or events which are still to come? What does it mean for her family and friends?

Convinced she is the victim of a fraudster, she seeks the help of an old friend, psychology professor Benton James.  The situation is complicated by additional problems being caused by Sibyl’s brother who is in trouble at his college.  Will he be able to graduate? There is an intriguing back story concerning Sibyl’s father which at first seems a bit confusing, but does manage to eventually make sense.

Sibyl is an interesting character, full of conflicting emotions and trying hard to make sense of the way her world has changed – and is changing yet more very rapidly.  With the onset of the American involvement in the First World War the challenges facing Sibyl can only get greater.  Overall an interesting and different read.