The Hangover Part II (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) – Blu-ray Review

More of the same certainly didn’t keep the film from making bank, but this sequel feels like a cash grab.  I guess it did succeed at that level, but don’t expect the laughs of the first one – although admittedly there are a few. 

It’s been two years since the events in Vegas that may best be forgotten.  Dr. Stu Price (Ed Helms) is getting married in Thailand and pals Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Doug (Justin Bartha) are pressuring him into inviting Alan (Zach Galifianakis). 

Finally convincing Stu to bring Alan, the friends meet up with Lauren’s (Jamie Chung), Stu’s fiancé, brother Teddy (Mason Lee) and fly to Thailand.  Alan immediately takes a dislike to Teddy who he considers an outsider to the “Wolf Pack.” 

All the friends swear that nothing close to what happened in Las Vegas will happen. However, they wake up in Bangkok with a drunken Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong); acquired a monkey (Crystal the Monkey); Alan and Stu get new looks; Teddy missing but his finger in a bowl of ice; and they can’t remember what happened the night before.  Now they have to quickly come up with what happened and figure out where Teddy is and get to the wedding on time. 

The Hangover was a surprise, hyped hit so a sequel was all but assured.  The first one had some good laughs, but didn’t strike me as being as funny as all the hype made it out to be.  The second film seems worse on that front as my first big laugh really didn’t happen until about an hour into the film. 

This one also seems to have a much meaner streak than the first one.  Sure the first one had many cringe inducing moments, but this one starts off with Cooper just being obstinate that Alan attend for not much more reason to get that character into the film and just to yell at Helms.  It just seemed ugly to me. 

We also quickly dismiss Stu’s first marriage and find him about to enter into another with not much more set-up than “let’s recreate the first film.”  The bigger problem is that the film doesn’t plow any new ground.  We do have a change of location in the lovely Thailand and gritty Bangkok, but the premise is exactly the same.

Much time goes by without jokes, but we do get some funny ones.  It just seems like a lot of time between them.  The Wolf Pack still is very funny.  I just wish they had some up with something more creative then re-doing the same film in Thailand. 

The Hangover Part II is presented in a 1080p high definition transfer (2.40:1).  Special features, in high definition, include the 25 minute “Unauthorized Documentary” faux documentary about the actors behaving badly in Thailand, the 7 minute “Comedy Rhythm of Todd Phillips” about the director, the 3 minute “Not Your Everyday Monkey” about Crystal, “the 3 minute “Bangkok Tour with Chow” with Jeong in character showing you the town, a 5 minute gag reel, the 46 second “Action Mashup,” and the disc is BD-Live enhanced. 

Disc two is a DVD copy of the film and you also get an UltraViolent streaming copy. 

It looks great on Blu-ray, but the Hangover Part II feels like a retread of the first film.  To some that will not be a bad thing, but I wish something more creative would’ve happened.  I still laughed, just not as much. 

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