The Fleece & Fibre Sourcebook – Book Review

How do you identify one wool from another? And what can you do with it? Robson and Ekarius have created a unique photographic encyclopedia of over 200 animals and the fibres they produce.

It covers almost every sheep breed in the world including the long wool breeds of the UK, the Tasmanian merino, the Navajo churro, mohair, cashmere goats, camelids, bison and musk oxen.  Even horses, rabbits and dogs are included! 

It is an amazing resource offering photographs of the raw fleece, cleaned fleece, spun yarn, woven and knit yarn.  For anyone interested in knitting, spinning, weaving or fibre art – this is an absolutely essential reference book answering every single question you might have about fleeces and fibres.  The detail is incredible. 

The duo have clearly undertaken exhaustive research and write with authority.