The Divine Madness – ‘Neverworld’ – Album Review

With the release of ‘Neverworld,’ The Divine Madness has crafted an album that reflects the band’s diversity while offering fans the band’s signature sound.

The 13-track album runs from thumping club beats and rocking guitar riffs to moving ballads featuring singer Victoria Mazze’s haunting voice.

It is the perfect follow-up to the group’s debut double album ‘Secrets’ and demonstrates how they are continuing to grow as songwriters and as a band. All the elements that worked on past releases are in ‘Neverworld,’ but the band also continues to break new ground to further push their sound.

I first discovered The Divine Madness with the group’s five-track EP ‘Precious.’ In my write up of that release, I compared them to elements of Concrete Blonde blended with The Cure mixed with a little Blondie and even No Doubt.

With the release of ‘Neverworld,’ the band has come into a sound that can only be described as theirs, and offers a little something for every fan.

The album is properly titled since it feels like a journey that leads the listeners through a series of highs and lows. ‘Neverworld’ builds slowly on tracks like “Alive,” “Perfect Methods,” and “Ends o the Earth” – where the songs begin with soft piano, violins or Mazze’s voice to break with driving drums and guitar riffs.

My personal favorite tracks on the album were the ballads – “Villains,” “Break Apart,” and “Vampire.” Mazze’s voice in the ballads is on full display as is the level of songwriting that goes into each track.

‘Neverworld’ is an album that takes the listener on a journey, and it is one that you will enjoy taking. The Divine Madness has created an album that will please any fan of the band and is more than able to win over new listeners. I highly recommend it.

Visit the band’s website for more information on The Divine Madness and to hear songs from ‘Neverworld.’

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