The disturbing trend of fat acceptance, one doctor speaks out against it

‘The fat acceptance movement (also known as the size acceptance, fat liberation, fat activism, or fat power movement) is an effort to change societal attitudes towards fat people.’ – Wikipedia

Americans have been ballooning up, and the fat acceptance movement is growing in size too.  This social trend has been building over 30 years.

Many argue it shouldn’t get any attention as obesity is both unattractive and unhealthy.  The facts are that in the vast majority of cases, obesity is a choice.

American, and the entire world it seems, are getting fatter each day based on reported numbers. 

Food that feeds us all is many things. It’s comfort, it’s nutrition, it is empty calories, it’s communion, it’s tradition and it’s often times killing us without us being aware.

Fat and health are NOT two different things. You cannot be obese (more than a little overweight, which many people are and is perfectly healthy for older folks) and be considered well.

Conversely you can be trim and thin and very unhealthy, but not from diseases directly related to obesity. You can (be) living a healthy lifestyle and be felled by a genetic disease, but your chances for poor health rise as your waistline increases. These are facts.

Since permanent, significant weight loss is possible for many people via safe bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes, recommending and encouraging weight loss is a life saver for many people.  Everyone deserves to have their conditions taken seriously and treated with effective care, regardless of their size.

Leading board certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Carson Liu deals with individuals who use every excuse in the book to delay, put off or worse, ignore the issues of their obesity.

He sees the ramifications of these traits, and even has a unique personal situation with his own brother who is so obese even Dr. Liu would not operate on him unless he lost weight first. He is watching his brother die a slow painful death, something sure to happen if he doesn’t stop ignoring his obesity and stop accepting it as his lifestyle.

A frequent contributor to Monsters and Critics, Dr. Liu is incredibly compassionate for his patients no matter what made them obese. He is immensely concerned for them and he can be firm with them when he has to. But he does what successful people do in controlling obesity through any means necessary, and that even means considering non-surgical tactics first.

Bottom line: once the patient commits to doing something to help themselves Dr. Liu is there with his full arsenal of tactics to help them, and he does it with utmost effort.

“The psychological barriers people put up for themselves is part of the problem which is growing the national obesity epidemic,” says Dr. Liu, who says most obese individuals “have additional psychological problems, and need a life altering experience to provide the wake up call that can save them.”

Dr. Liu says,  “I operate on your guts to get to your brain.”

His life work sees the intense reality of what happens when people “accept” obesity as their lifestyle and he deals with his patients and the devastating health results of their decision.

“I cringe at knowing more and more people are accepting being fat, and doing it proudly. There’s even an association devoted to fat acceptance,” says Dr. Liu.

“These people are really walking a dangerous precipice for being highly vulnerable to obesity related diseases. Since every person has individual health traits, some people can live with many extra pounds and get away with it, and others in similar conditions suffer extreme ramifications by contracting diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension, and more, and some perish while others live long lives.”

A NY Times ’07 study reported that people who live a fat life send signals to those around them that cause others to become fat as well. That article headline screamed “Study Says Obesity Can Be Contagious.”

“While our nation gets bigger and fatter with a national obesity epidemic, knowing that a movement for fat acceptance is upon us is a very dangerous thing to contemplate for those of us who are so dedicated to helping people who are dying, who are struggling, and who are living terrible lives because they made decisions early on to accept their obesity proudly,” says Dr. Liu.  It’s now caught up with them and many come to him for help to regain control of their lives.

What is your stance on fat acceptance? Is it a positive thing or a shameful development that condones an unhealthy lifestyle?  Talk back:

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