The Demon settles with ex-girlfriend to end lawsuit

Kiss founder Gene Simmons kissed and made up with Georgeann Walsh Ward – the ex-girlfriend who slapped the rocker with a defamation lawsuit for comments made about her in VH1’s When Kiss Ruled the World.
The two released a statement announcing the case was settled, but that the blood spitting bass player did apologized to Ward, but did not have to pay any money. In return, Ward acknowledged that Simmons had no part in the production and editing of the television documentary.

Ward filed the lawsuit in 2005, and had claimed that Simmons portrayed her in a negative light when discussing his many female conquests in the special and through the photos of her. Simmons defended his remarks by stating they were about himself and not Ms. Ward.

The documentary was shown 11 times in 2004, and featured members of the band discussing their life on the road – including Simmons many female fans. Simmons boasted he had slept with more than 4,000 female fans during the height of the band’s popularity in the ‘70s.

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