The crew are back with a galaxy of extras in the Star Trek Insurrection Special Edition !

Paramount Home Entertainment Presents

~ Two-Disc Set Beams to DVD on 1st August 2005 ~
The £7.5 million box office hit, STAR TREK: INSURRECTION comes to DVD on 1st August for the first time as a SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION in a fantastic 2-disc DVD set. 
STAR TREK: INSURRECTION – SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION stars the popular Next Generation cast and is directed by cast and crew member, Jonathan Frakes.  The DVD box set is loaded with over 4 hours of exclusive extra featurettes, including brand new commentaries.  
The extras will entice all sci-fi fans, with intriguing features such as the Director’s Notebook, where Jonathan Frakes, in an exclusive new interview, talks candidly about directing his second Star Trek feature and offers amusing stories about the making of the film.
In Creating the Illusion, viewers get to see how some of the film’s most challenging visual effects sequences were achieved, featuring never-before-seen footage.  It includes Picard’s shuttle pursuit of Data in the scout ship; the Son’a drones ‘tagging’ the villagers and the ‘duck blind’ scene that reveals Data’s hidden body.
STAR TREK: INSURRECTION features the crew of the Enterprise learning of the Federation plot against inhabitants of a unique planet.  When Captain Picard learns about this, he begins an open rebellion in an effort to defend the planet’s people and the principles by which the Federation was founded. 
STAR TREK: INSURRECTION SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION DVD is available to buy on 1st August 2005 from Paramount Home Entertainment (RRP £24.99) Certificate PG
‘Star Trek First Insurrection SE’ is out to pre-order via AmazonUK in the UK and available now in the US via Amazon.
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