The celebrities everyone is sick of, according to Forbes

Forbes has released it’s list of the most over-exposed celebrities.  In a scientific poll, they have culled the results and given us the worst offenders for public eye abuse.

Britney Spears  62%*

Louisiana simple girl that morphed into Malibu livin’ pop star has wasted no time with bearing children, and her lack of child seat knowledge combined with marital faux pas makes headlines regularly. The ex- Mouseketeer recently axed her publicist and gained another son, Sutton.

Anna Nicole Smith  57%*

The Texas stripper snagged oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, who was some 60 years her senior. Then it was the $450 million will she battled for with his son. Most recently, the Playmate-turned-TrimSpa spokeswoman had a daughter with two baby daddies claiming, and tragically lost her son, then married her attorney soon after.
Kevin Federline  48%*

Rapper PopoZao Kevin Federline, aka Britney Spear’s husband, has a host of television appearances in the works, including an upcoming spot on CSI:Crime Scene Investigation. The former backup dancer is enjoying Vegas with his pals while mum Spears is home with the brood.

Pamela Anderson  48%*

Once a clean scrubbed Canadian girl, the plastic filled Playmate Pamela Anderson decide three marriages were the charm to on-again, off-again–on-again– Kid Rock, she also is a devoted PETA actorvist.

Lindsay Lohan  47%*

Dubbed “Firecrotch” by nemesis celebs Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan’s got talent, but she keeps shooting herself in the foot with diva-like demands and no sense of timeliness. Paparazzi love her for her bikini collections.

Tom Cruise  47%*

Alienating fans with his diatribes against psychiatry and strange couch jumping shows of affection, Cruise is a wild card.   Sumner Redstone broke with Cruise who publicly asked Cruise & Co. to find new digs.   He just may marry Katie Holmes.

Nicole Richie  46%*

Nicole Richie denies anything is wrong.  She also broke very publicly with ex BFF Hilton, and has got a great stylist.  Karl Lagerfeld thinks she’s perfectly fine and has no weight issues.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen  45%*

The fashion dudley twins turn heads with their baggy clothing choices. While the petite duo’s acting career seems to be standstill, they’re hugely loaded with their retail empire, Dualstar.

Michael Jackson  44%*

Pop star Michael Jackson used to be the most popular musician in the world. He no longer resembles any family members, and is eyeing leprechauns in Ireland.  We don’t know where he keeps getting his money either.

Donald Trump  42%*

Hair that defies physics, the New York real estate tycoon is tireless in his quest for fame and glory.   NBC made him a bona-fide star in The Apprentice.  The Donald’s wives are now younger than his biological daughter Ivanka, which puts him officially in the Hugh Hefner stratosphere.

Jessica Simpson  41%*

All her mojo flushed down the loo at the same time.  No Nick, bad lips, crazy boots, bad hair, mystic tan to a lovely tangerine.  Once a would-be-Britney, then a reality TV star, but sister Ashlee is starting to surpass her in the hip o meter, and that’s just sad.

Paris Hilton  66%*

The Queen Bee of all the over-exposed, she rivals Robbie Williams and David Hasselhoff for online exposure.   Hilton has become a sight gag, and is now a nearly over the hill 25 year old party-hopping celebutard, who has fistfights with dubious  tattooed rocker’s ex wives in public.  But with the gossip comes cash, her appearance fees for endorsing anything are still crazy huge.

*Source: E-Poll Market Research

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