The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds: Cocktail RX for the Holidays

The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds is an ongoing series until December that celebrates the practical to the extravagant, the unusual to the commonly needed items of everyday life. 

From food, wine and spirits to beauty, clothing and even home goods and appliances, we have been trying and testing and ultimately weeding out the good stuff you should consider for giving this holiday season. Take us shopping with you.

Why we love Cocktail Rx:


Price-at under $30 this is a comprehensive gift that makes you a star mixologist. Plus the container is brilliantly designed with recipes on it and measuring marks that are easy to read. It doesn’t leak when you shake it, and is dishwasher safe BPE free plastic.

What you need to get:

We tried the Peppermint Martini, Cranberry Margarita and Pomegranate Martini flavors. Each has it’s own merits, and ultimately the Pomegranate Martini topped our list for overall best in show.

The Peppermint Martini is super minty and not recommended after you brush your teeth.  The Cranberry Margarita is a great twist on a classic. Cocktail Rx’s come equipped with all necessary ingredients to create eight servings of the perfect cocktail, you add ice and your spirit of choice. We used Ty-Ku Sake (vodka alternative) to straight up Vodka and Tequila.


These cocktail shakers are a fun gift to give along with a bottle of your friend’s favorite spirits.


Cocktail Rx’s holiday shakers will be available for purchase in November at stores nationwide. Drink mixes come in a fun and reusable 750 ml bar grade shaker and will retail between $6.99 and $7.99. In addition to the three new flavors, Cocktail Rx also offers five signature shakers including Lemon Drop, Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Blue Hawaiian and Margarita.

Bonus Intel:

Cocktail RX makes other flavors for you to create Halloween and Thanksgiving themed drinks too. They look yumzilla to us.


For additional information about Cocktail Rx, or for a full list of participating retailers, please visit

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