The Best Clips from NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ VIDEOS

28th May 2014 by
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The Best Clips from NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ VIDEOS

TV Rewind: Now that America’s Got Talent is back, it officially feels like summer! The judges saw a lot of unique auditions last night, ranging from a 9-year-old piano player to a 93-year-old strongman who pulled a car with his teeth!

Check out all the highlights below, plus, watch as Nick Cannon poses as a mime and completely fools the judges.


Adrian Romoff: 9-Year-Old Piano Player Wows Judges

A 9-year-old, piano-playing smarty pants wins over the judges with his charm and amazing musical skills. See him rock the keyboard.

The Famtastix: Family of Clog Dancers Have the Right Moves

A hot sibling clogging team, classical dancers turned circus artists, and an acrobatic break dance comedy act show off their move

Dan Naturman: Stand-Up Comic Reveals Dating Disasters

A stand-up comic rises to the occasion when he auditions for “America’s Got Talent.” See Dan Naturman riff about marriage, the scary truth about online dating and more!

Rokardy: 49-Year-Old Handbalancer Goes Sky-High

A 49-year-old handbalancer’s act raises the roof and gets the crowd on its feet. See how high Rokardy goes!

Donnie Valentine: Singer Hits High Note With Judges

Singer Donne Valentine goes from an awful audition to almost turning the judges around (almost). See how he did.

Bald Man Bongos: Howie Mandel Gets His Head Slapped

When he volunteers to become part of the act, Howie Mandel gets his head slapped by the Bald Man Bongos crew. See the painful performance!

Mighty Atom Jr.: 93-Year-Old Strongman Pulls Car With Teeth

A 93-year-old strongman pulls a car full of friends–with his teeth! Are Mike Greenstein’s powerful chompers enough to move him along in the competition?

Acte II: Opera-Singing Friends Surprise the Judges

Two friends blow the judges away with their beautiful voices. See Acte II’s surprise audition.

Dustin’s Dojo: Howard Stern Uses Golden Buzzer on Karate Kid

Dustin and his pal Terry show off their silly karate skills. But the judges are divided over Dustin’s Dojo. See how Howard solves that by using the Golden Buzzer!

Blue Journey: Gorgeous Projection Dance Set to Radiohead

Nick and Rachel combine technology, projection and wonderful dance skills for a gorgeous performance. See how they stun the judges with a dance set to Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out).”

Larry The Mime: Nick Cannon Pulls Prank On Judges

A mime with a bad attitude turns on Howard, Howie, Heidi and Mel B. When things go south, the judges discover that it’s really Nick Cannon behind the makeup!

Jaycob Curlee: Singer Performs Stirring John Mayer Cover

A singer overcomes a rough childhood to get to the “America’s Got Talent” stage. See how his cover of John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” gets the crowd to its feet!