The Anatomy of a British Babe: Meet Carol Vorderman

American men historically are known to go for top-shelf endowed women, ogling Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Vargas pin-up babes, and in recent years the ever popular Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba.  The American ideal is a mix of skin tones, hair colors and ethnicities that mirror Americans overall.

The British are slightly different, but they also like their women spilling over up top:  Witnessed by the Jordan, Caprice, and Kelly Brook obssessions they have in their tabloids. 



International’s latest poll reveals that the ideal British woman has all the characteristics of Carol Vorderman – from brown hair to a flair for money matters, they claim Carol is the ideal woman for British men

The poll revealed that sexes in all European countries surveyed said that their ideal partner would be adventurous, love travel and enjoy going out together.

New research released today by shows that the ideal British woman is 5ft 6” with brown hair, blue eyes, pretty face, sexually confident but willing to share the housework, has a sense of adventure and is good at finances but isn’t a career woman, has her own opinion but isn’t opinionated, is cheerful, friendly and outgoing.

Because Carol Vorderman received the most male UK votes (17%) for ideal woman in the 6,000 strong European wide survey, closely followed by Fearne Cotton. Both women are very similar to the ideal descriptions given by British men.

British men’s conservatism with their women is very different to their European cousins. 

In France and Spain, their ideal woman is the Latin type with jet black hair (F: 39% / S:49%), brown eyes (F:34% / S:40%) with an immaculate sense of style (F:47% / S:27%).



French men desire a woman who enjoys going out and likes to experiment in bed (42%), while Spanish men prefer a confident lover (48%). Sophie Marceau was tops for French men (28%) and American Angelina Jolie topped the Spanish poll (26%).

The Brits, French and Spanish prefer dark hair, in Germany, 40% of men want their women with long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim and sporty with 24% citing Veronica Ferres as their ideal woman.

Most women across Europe agree on one thing and that’s Kentucky native George Clooney is a keeper. In the poll, half of women in France, Germany and Spain voted for Clooney as their ideal man.



Brits and the Scandinavians had more in common, both countries voting for their home grown celebrities Dermot O’Leary (22%) and Martin Stenmark (33%) as ideal.

In fact, the women polled had an altogether different view of what constitutes ideal in their choice of partner.

Sorry Fabio: Long blonde hair on a man was a big turn-off for all European women. The Brits (73%), Germans (51%) and Scandinavians (67%) favour brown hair for their men whilst Spain (60%) and France (53%) think black locks are best.

In fact, long hair was a big no-no for all polled women.

In bed, British (53%), and Spanish (54%) women like their men to be innovative under the sheets while French (72%), German (79%) and Scandinavian (59%) women would like their ideal man to be gentle and sensitive.

The poll was designed to discover what constitutes an ideal partner, from both a male and female perspective. Across Europe, the celebrities with the majority of “ideal partner” votes were:

Carol Vorderman (17%)
Dermot O’Leary (22%)

Sophie Marceau (28%)
George Clooney (50%)

Veronica Ferres (24%)
George Clooney (50%)

Angelina Jolie (26%)
George Clooney (42%)

Tilde de Paula (37%)
Martin Stenmark (33%)’s Kate Taylor concluded; “It looks like the girl next door type wins hands down for little Britain. Fearne Cotton could be Carol Vorderman’s daughter they’re so similar… it looks like they cater for every age of man. Europe is much more exciting with their choice of sexy Sophie Marceau and ravishing Angelina.”

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