“The Adventures of One eskimO” a visual musical journey

The U.K.-based band “One eskimO” and Warner Premiere debuted an innovative new project that brings music to life through groundbreaking animation and storytelling to create a “Visual Album.”

The brainchild of lead singer Kristian Leontiou, “The Adventures of One Eskimo” consists of a series of 10 animated short stories that were jointly developed and produced by the band and Warner Premiere, and distributed by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution (WBDD).

“The Adventures of One eskimO” will be first in a slate of Visual Album projects that offer musicians and the audience a new way to experience musical albums through the digital category.

“The Adventures of One eskimO” is now available on iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, CinemaNow and via WBShop.com in the U.S., and will debut on iTunes in the U.K. on September 7. (http://tinyurl.com/oneeskimorelease).

Produced by Passion Pictures, known for their award-winning Gorillaz animation, “The Adventures of One eskimO” takes viewers on an animated journey through an epic love story starring our hero One eskimO and his band of animal friends that include Monkey, Giraffe and Penguin.

The Premise: 

One eskimO and the love of his life Little Feather live peacefully in their igloo home, enjoying life as it passes by. One evening, Little Feather and One eskimO are torn apart by a dark force known as Mr. Top Hat who controls the world through his crystal ball.

Our forlorn eskimO mopes around, pining for his lost love, imagining that she has left him for Mr. Top Hat. Through the help of a wise and brave owl he learns that she is in great peril. With only a knapsack and an enduring love, One eskimO sets out with his band of animal friends on an epic quest to rescue her.

To download the One eskimO trailer and to sign up for a season pass to automatically receive future episodes visit: http://tinyurl.com/oneeskimorelease.

Help One eskimO before it’s too late! By visiting www.findlittlefeather.com fans can join One eskimO and his band on a quest to track down his lost love.

Users are confronted with a series of challenges and games set by the dastardly Mr. Top Hat which they have to overcome if they ever want One eskimO to see Little Feather again.

Each game corresponds to major plot points from the series and employs the same unique look and feel. The online experience allows fans to delve deeper into the story and to feel part of the world of One eskimO.

One EskimO is Kristian Leontiou – vocals; Adam Falkner – drums; Jamie Sefton – bass & horns; Peter Rinaldi – guitar.

The band’s debut album will premiere September 22 on Shangri-La Recordings and a U.S. tour will kick off September 15 at Joe’s Pub in New York.

Key Messaging Available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/dpfiY For more details on One eskimO and to see their tour schedule visit: www.oneeskimo.com.

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