That’s My Boy – Blu-ray Review

“Some have greatness thrust upon them.” 

That’s My Boy puts emphasis on the thrust in this case as Adam Sandler brings his deranged Jerry Lewis persona to this tale of shame fame. 

Not only that but a last act revelation tries to make a not very funny taboo hilarious and doesn’t bring greatness either.    There are still a few laughs though. 

Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) was once famous but has now fallen on hard times.  You don’t remember Donny?  Well he has aged, but in the day he was caught, very publically, having sex with his teacher.  The raucous media coverage catapulted Donny to a form of stardom.  He still gets recognized but most recently the IRS has presented him with a large tax bill.

He needs to come up with quick cash and the only way to do it is to reunite with the result of that underage tryst, his now-grown-up neurotic son Todd (Andy Samberg).  Todd tells everyone that his parents died in an explosion since he doesn’t want to dredge up that salacious past and reveal his real name of Han Solo Berger. 

Han… er Todd is getting married to Jamie (Leighton Meester) and isn’t too happy when Donny, who he claims is his best friend not father, shows up and ends up getting inserted into the wedding. 

Gross out comedies are not exactly my favorites.  That’s my Boy never puts anything the screen that is visually gross, but it’s more the underlying taboos that it decides to hang its hat on.  Firstly, we tackle the seamy side of education. 

Not that naughty teacher doesn’t turn a few heads, but it is extra creepy that she prowls after such a young, fresh-faced kid.  Imagine the opposite, male teacher seducing little girl – yuck!

Even more horrifying is that he grows up into the scruffy, nasally voiced Sandler.  Poor sap.  You wonder how Donny is so adept with the ladies since the character is such a spaz.  A last act turn gets even grosser, but that would be spoiling things.  Needless to say, the subject matter isn’t suitable for a comedy, even a gross out one. 

Although I will admit that I laughed more at the hot teacher bits than the finale.  Sandler and Samberg do make a good team and we have some cameos by several 1980s stars.  Vanilla Ice is especially funny.  There are still a few guffaws but the subject matter leaves a bad taste in the mouth. 

That’s my Boy is presented in a 1080p transfer (2.40:1).  Special features include a 6 minute gag reel, 14 minutes of deleted scenes, the 11 minute “Who are all these People” that detail the cameos, the 6 minute “Greetings from Cape Cod” that basically has lots of “Wasssuuupp!,” and the 6 minute “Classy Rick’s Bacon and Eggs” about the strip club.  You also get a digital copy.

That’s my Boy should be detention but that might’ve ended up with the hot teacher administering corporal punishment – something that Donny might’ve enjoyed way too much.  There are some lines that probably shouldn’t be crossed and the film jumps across them. 

There are still some funny moments, but some particularly ugly situations that probably shouldn’t be used for comedy. 

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