Terry’s Greatest Tips for Acrylic and Watercolour Artists – Book Review

Terry Harrison is a long established artist and teacher who has published many books about creating paintings in acrylics and watercolors. This is a very useful little book, ideal for giving as a present to any artist. 

It contains lots of hints and tips which can help when painting skies, mountains, trees, seascapes and buildings.  It is good for both beginners and more experienced artists.  Explanations are clear and carefully illustrated using step by step instructions.

Ever tried tilting a board to make color run when painting rain? A simple idea but it can very effective.  As Terry points out, always let the painting dry on a slight slope so as to prevent the paint running back.  His suggestion for painting the sun is equally ingenious – use a coin!

Wrap the coin in kitchen paper and twist securely.  Then while the sunset paint is wet, press the paper covered coin on top.  It leaves a very effective sun shape underneath. The practical spiral bound format makes it easy to use as a reference book while painting.