Ted (Two-Disc Combo Pack) – Blu-ray Review

From the warped mind of Seth MacFarlane comes the tale of a teddy bear…that is not so innocent. In fact, it’s downright twisted and vulgar. If you are easily offended, you should probably pass on this one. However, if you have that sick and strange sense of humor (as does Mr. MacFarlane) then by all means partake. It is a funny ride.

John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) lives with his teddy bear long after he should have gotten rid of stuffed animals and grown up a little. His bear, Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), is a special bear – for as a boy, John wished him alive. Magically, a shooting star was passing over the house as he wished, and his wish came true.

So he grows up with a talking teddy bear as his best friend, and as the two BBFs continue their journey in life, much innocence of childhood is left behind. The only problem is, Ted not being a normal teddy bear, he hangs around and becomes a pot-smoking, couch-sitting sort of best buddy.

The other problem is John’s live-in girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis). She wants John to grow up and get rid of the bear. Ted is ruining their life. John has Ted’s attitude about work and getting ahead – why bother when you can smoke some pot on the couch? Lori, as any girlfriend would, wants better things for John and for herself. She wants stability and marriage. I side with Lori on this one.

But Ted is a hoot and half to watch. When he invites a troupe of hookers over to the apartment and body fluids are involved at some point, Lori has had enough. It is her or the bear. John has to choose, and of course he has sex with Lori – so he chooses her. But before he does, he tries to set Ted up with an apartment and a job so that he can be independent.

The first job interview that Ted goes to, he gets the job. It is as a supermarket checker, and he immediately starts to flirt with the cashier next to him – Tami-Lynn of the white trash name (Jessica Barth). He starts to date her to our audience hilarity and even double dates with John and Lori (which ends in disaster, couldn’t see that one coming!).

With some really good side characters played by some really good actors (Giovanni Ribisi plays the psycho bear stalker), the plot adds teddy bear kidnapping and sexual harassment in the workplace to the craziness already in play. Joel McHale (television’s Community) plays Lori’s sleazy boss and has some funny moments as he tries to turn Lori to the dark side by bullying and even cajoling and then trying to woo her.

What happens when innocence hangs around and becomes cynical? Well, that is the question, and in true Seth MacFarlane style, it is answered with much raunchiness as can be mustered. Anyone who has seen Family Guy, well, you know the style.

It ain’t pretty. But it sure is funny. Sometimes MacFarlane will go off the rails and go too far, but I don’t believe that that happened with Ted.  You also have to give the director props for returning Sam Jones to his Flash Gordon glory!

Ted does stay true to what you would expect, raunchy fun MacFarlane style, and it doesn’t get old or stall. The special features are decent, a look at the making of. It was fun to see how they included Ted in the scenes as he was digitally added afterwards.

If you are into this type of humor, by all means give this a try. If it doesn’t make you laugh within twenty, then turn it off, it wasn’t your thing. But kudos to MacFarlane for ruining another childhood joy in such an amusing way.

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