Techniques of Traditional Icon Painting – Book Review

Anyone who has been in an Eastern Orthodox church, or seen Byzantine icons in museums and art galleries cannot fail to be amazed by the sheer color, exuberance and brilliance of the icons. 

It is a very traditional method of painting, hundreds of years old which is still in use today. But how do you achieve that glowing result? This book is the perfect answer. 

It explains the techniques used by icon artists and shows how to achieve good results.  What is equally useful is the historical background that is provided, together with a study of the symbolism used in icons.  There are some superb examples of finished icon paintings by modern artists making ita very inspirational book.

Useful too are the inscriptions provided in several languages including Greek and Slavonic. The book demonstrates that icon painting remains a vibrant, living artistic style offering techniques which modern artists can usefully utilize.