Google spreads ad tentacles

Google gained notoriety for its search engine, but it has earned its status as an Internet giant thanks to its advertising program, AdSense. It has cornered the internet advertising market, has started making inroads into television advertising, and as announced on Wednesday is now entering the video game.

Called AdSense for Games, Google’s new advertising platform will allow advertisers access to a large percentage of the Web-based Flash games that so efficiently keep us from work.

In-game advertising is only a small market at the moment, managing only $1 billion from advertising and subscriptions in 2007. However, if Google expand their new AdSense for Games beynd Flash it might not be long before World of Warcraft characters start seeing Coca-Cola signs on their way from Darnassus to Stormwind.

Google’s AdSense for Games will allow advertisers the opportunity to target ads based on keywords, genres or even specific games. Revenue will be split between developers and Google on a cost-per-impression and cost-per-click system.

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