Blogosphere set ablaze by Apple $800 laptop rumors

Rumors circulating through the blogosphere on Thursday have once again pushed Apple to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr reported that some Apple retailers within the US had seen price lists for a new Apple line of laptops, and that on the list was a laptop costing only $800.

The report was linked to “a source we would categorize as reliable, would have access to such information, and who has been accurate in the past.”

According to their source Apple retail stores are being given price sheets that depict 12 price points for a new range of laptops priced between the $800 and $3100 range. If this is true, it would mark the first time Apple has released a sub-$1000 laptop and a shift in their focus. Apple has long been a maker of high-end laptops, leaving cheaper laptop makers like Dell and HP alone and only competing for market share above $1000.

Beyond the rumored price point, Riley’s source had no more information. Other technology blogs had attempted to reach Apple for comment, but Apple’s policy has been to never talk about rumor or speculation.

Apple typically provide retail stores with Apple price lists 10 days prior to launch, said Riley’s source. However this would mark one of the first times that rumors of Apple products were spawned from Apple stores themselves.

This afternoon Apple have announced a special event to be held at Cupertino on October the 14th, at 10am. “The spotlight turns to notebooks,” reads the invitation sent to select media.

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