Tara Reid left cooling her heels at Hyde, Hilton snickers on in

Tara Reid, once a BFF of Paris Hilton, who many think hijacked Reid’s ditzy hot blonde acting career overnight, is the new D-List queen.

TMZ has the video of Tara watching in vain as Hilton and a unknown brunette stare at Reid, snicker and then saunter in to Hyde effortlessly as Reid is held at bay.  http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=1&pmmsid=1701532

The “American Pie” star had zero luck Friday night as she tried in vain to get waved into Hyde, the trendy Hollywood club where uber skinny Nicole Richie recently barfed on too much tequila.
Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis had an exchange of friendly words with Tara as he left the club, but no leg up to get her into the exclusive watering hole.

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