Take a listen to Pat Metheny’s ‘What’s It All About’ and enter to win!

Nonesuch has released Pat Metheny’s solo acoustic album, ‘What’s It All About’ and M&C’s giving away five copies. We are also hosting a listening party to give fans a chance to hear the album as they enter to win a copy!

The album is made up of Metheny’s interpretations of 10 classic songs – including “And I Love Her” and “The Sound of Silence.”
Following the Grammy–winning 2001 solo acoustic record ‘One Quiet Night,’ Metheny began regularly playing the specially tuned baritone guitar he used on that album in the breaks between sound check and the show when he was on the road.

While working on ‘One Quiet Night,’ Metheny recorded the songs on ‘What’s It All About’ late at night, in his New York City home over a short period of time.

In a press release, Metheny stated: “I wanted to record some of the music that was on my radar before I ever wrote a note of my own, or in a few cases, even before I played an instrument. I was born in 1954 and all of these songs were in the Top 40 during my childhood and early teen years. It was a period when harmony and melody were still important and viable elements in popular music. Every one of these tunes has something going on that is just hip on a musical level, no matter how you cut it. They have all stuck with me over the years.”

Metheny the acoustic baritone guitar to record most of the album – with three exceptions: Paul Simon’s “The Sound of Silence” is played on a 42-string custom made “Pikasso” guitar, Bob Spickard and Brian Carman’s “Pipeline” is played on a six-string, and John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s “And I Love Her” is played on a nylon string guitar.

Take a Listen to the Album:

  Pat Metheny: “What’s It All About” Full Album by Nonesuch Records

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