Tacos and Spills, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, Perennial Celebrity Trainwrecks

sheen wasted

You would think a viral video of yourself “hammered” A) eating Taco Bell and B) being chatty in a Taco Bell drive-through would be the wake up call to maybe go check into Inspire Malibu or someplace appropriate to deal with your demons.

But for Charlie Sheen, his immense wealth has shielded him from the realities most people would be dealing with, financial ruin, job loss and possibly homelessness. He was fortunate that Chuck Lorre TV show he was cast in was such a monster earner.

This week Sheen – who at the very least is a friendly drunk – was “awesome” at the drive-through was videotaped by “fans” at Taco Bell who lured him to their car saying they were fans. Cameras ready, they rolled tape (everyone is a filmmaker these days) and Sheen has another notch in his behavior reel for a future ex-wife to exhibit when asking for a monthly stipend and child support check.


Lindsay in London

Not to be outdone, Lindsay Lohan, a lot less well-heeled than Sheen, is shucking and jiving and looking for work wherever she can. London is where she has set her sights, claiming the UK is a lot less celebrity obsessed. Apparently he hasn’t seen the Daily Mail, Mirror or The Sun.