T.I. is pulling for Rihanna to reunite with Chris Brown

Before heading to prison for a federal firearms charge, Grammy winner Clifford Harris, better known as T.I., spoke with Extra about good friends Chris Brown and Rihanna, facing a year in federal prison and MTV’s reality show chronicling his remaining days of freedom.

T.I. is also reaching out to Martha Stewart for some tips on surviving the Big House.  The jail-bound rapper admits he would love to meet with domestic Goddess Martha Stewart. “Martha, if you can give me some pointers on how to pass my time in prison, I am open,” T.I. tells Extra.

Plus, T.I. has also joined the pack in “reaching out” to Rihanna and he tells Extra he hopes she and Chris Bown can work things out.

When asked about Chris Brown and Rihanna, T.I. says, “I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to spend time around them and Rihanna is outstanding. She’s the sweetest girl…Chris, he’s a great guy…I can’t speak on the event that took place. I don’t know the details…It’s not my business, but I know through all adversity comes strength and everyone goes through things for a reason. I want to see them both rise above it, move beyond it and get back to being great.”

T.I. reveals he has “made an attempt [to contact Rihanna] but understandably she’s not able to reached.”

When an “Extra” fan asks T.I. if he’s scared to go to jail, he responds, “I fear God. I fear God only. I am not thrilled about it. It presents significant concerns in my mind but nothing that time can’t heal.” He adds, “But I am looking forward to moving on. I am eager to put this behind me and get back to doing what I do.”

So how does T.I. think his musical career will be affected by his jail sentence? He says, “You know, it didn’t hurt Martha Stewart much. We have the same exact sentence if I’m not mistaken. She’s still doing pretty well for herself…So I imagine my musical career would be as good or better than it was when I left.”

MTV’s reality show, T.I’s Road To Redemption, features T.I. as he counts down the days until he serves time. T.I. says, “It shows me in my element using my influence and my experiences in an attempt to impact kids in a positive way as I’ve done for years.”

“Extra’s” interview with T.I. airs tomorrow.


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