Syfy January 23rd Previews: Helix and 12 Monkeys VIDEOS

We loved last week’s premieres of “12 Monkeys,” followed by a mind-blowing “Helix.” You will definitely want to see what happens next. It all begins Friday at 9/8c on Syfy! Are you ready?


· First, on 12 Monkeys, Cole goes to a mental institution in 2015 to learn more about the mysterious organization behind the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, Dr. Railly finds herself on the brink of death when she tries to help Cole with his mission. Check out a sneak peek below, as Jones warns Cole about the consequences he might cause if he enlists Dr. Railly’s help again.


· Then, on Helix, as the scientists continue to investigate the island’s deadly virus, Alan reveals a shocking secret to Peter and Sarah. Check out a sneak peek below, as Julia searches the island for a missing companion.

12 Monkeys — Airs Friday at 9/8c  – Mentally Divergent – Sneak Peek

Cole is given a new mission, but will he disrupt the course of history if he recruits Dr. Railly’s help a second time? Tune-in for a new episode of 12 Monkeys on Friday at 9/8c.

Helix — Airs Friday at 10/9c  – Reunion – Sneak Peek

Julia and her new accomplice search for a missing companion. The identity of the missing companion will surprise you! Tune-in for an all-new episode of Helix on Friday at 10/9c.

#WhatTheHelix – Promo

Deeply hidden secrets will be exposed on the new season of Helix. Tune-in for new episodes of Helix, Fridays at 10/9c.