SYFY Friday Night March 20 Previews for Helix and 12 Monkeys! VIDEOS

TV Picks: Syfy has an action-packed slate for you Friday night with new episodes of 12 Monkeys and Helix. The experience begins at 9/8c.

· First, on 12 Monkeys, Ramse does what it takes to protect his newfound family, leaving Cole to deal with the aftermath. Check out a sneak peek below, as well as a recap of last week’s episode.

12 Monkeys — Airs Fridays at 9/8c


Divine Move – Sneak Peek

Ramse sets a plan in motion to stop Cole and Jones. Don’t miss a new episode of 12 Monkeys on Friday at 9/8c.

Tomorrow – Episode Recap

Catch up on everything that happened in episode nine, “Tomorrow.”

· Then, on Helix, Winger’s team, Alan and an infected Kyle race to find the Bleeding Tree. Meanwhile, the Abbey turns into a house of horrors. Catch a glimpse of what is to come in the sneak peek below.

Helix — Airs Fridays at 10/9c


Mother – Sneak Peek

Winger’s search team makes contact with a terrifying group. Watch a new episode of Helix on Friday at 10/9c.