Syfy: Face Off & Wizard Wars Previews for Tuesday August 26 VIDEOS

TV Picks: Syfy: Face Off & Wizard Wars!

Tune-in for tomorrow night’s Syfy line-up, featuring Face Off and Wizard Wars:

  • On Face Off, the Land of Oz and Wonderland collide when the contestants must create a new breed of fairy-tale creatures. Watch a sneak peek below, as the contestants prepare for this wicked challenge. You can also watch the morphs clip from episode five.
  • Then, on Wizard Wars, our magicians use doggy snacks and a lion-puppy as props in the next elimination competition. Watch two magicians create a unique routine using ordinary objects in the sneak peek below.

Face Off — Tuesdays at 9/8c


Wizard of Wonderland – Sneak Peek

The elimination challenge in this week’s episode of Face Off will be wicked. Watch the new episode, Tuesday at 9/8c.

Animal Attraction – Morphs

Check out the designers’ work from episode five.


Wizard Wars — Premieres Tuesday at 10/9c

Puppy Love – Sneak Peek

See how Leon & Billy build their routine with a calculator, balloons & an electric leaf blower.