Syfy ‘Continuum’ May 23 Sneak Peek and Interview Clips

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Jaworski makes a lucrative counter-offer to his Gleaner captors if they agree to free him instead of turning him into the authorities.

TV Picks: This Friday, Syfy: Continuum – Sneak Peek & Interview Clips are below!

This Friday, on a new episode of Continuum, Kiera’s relationships are put to the test when the identity of her killer is revealed.

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Curtis Chen is locked up in one of the Freelancers’ time-locked holding cells for his betrayal.

Stay alert and informed of the Liber8’s activities by viewing the sneak peek below. You’ll also find a couple of fun interview clips of the cast giving each other superlatives and talking about the polarizing dynamics of the show.

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In the future, when Kiera’s CPS prisoner transport ship crashes, only she and her Liber8 detainee, Jaworski, survive the crash. Kiera’s CMR is badly damaged.

Continuum—Airs Fridays at 10/9c

So Do Our Minutes Hasten (Episode 308) – Sneak Peek

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Kiera and Sonya meet for the first time when Sonya installs a “governor” into Kiera’s skull: a device that ensures she can’t record, transmit or communicate with CPS in any way.

Watch out, and stay alert! Liber8 activity is suspected with illegal activities afoot. Don’t miss an all-new episode of Continuum Friday at 10/9c, only on Syfy.

Blurring Lines of Good & Evil – Inside Continuum

The stars behind characters Alec, Kiera and Carlos talk about the blurred lines between good and evil.

Cast Superlatives – Behind-the-Scenes Interview

Continuum stars dishes out superlatives to their fellow cast members.