Sugarland – ‘The Incredible Machine’ – Album Review

While it is an enjoyable album, it might be a stretch to call Sugarland’s latest, ‘The Incredible Machine,’ a country music release. The album has a pop rock sound to it with songs that don’t linger with you too long after you are finished giving it a listen.

Singer/songwriters Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are enjoying another No. 1 debut with their fourth studio album, and it is easy to understand why. ‘The Incredible Machine’ (a description of the human heart) features lots of duo’s trademark peppy tunes – such as “Stuck Like Glue,” “Every Girl Like Me,” and “Find the Beat Again.”

They do slow the party down a tad for a few ballad songs like “Tonight,” and “Shine the Light” (one of the best tracks on the album).

The album’s tracks are mixed perfect so that the pace never slows or one song drags the overall mood down. There are a few missteps (not sure what Nettles was thinking with the Reggae breakdown on “Stuck Like Glue”), but fans of the duo will find plenty to like.

While not traditional country, ‘The Incredible Machine’ features a pop friendly and upbeat tempo that can be a nice change from some of the genre’s more downer topics of cheating, drinking and loving. Sugarland knows what they are doing with their sound, and have crafted an album that is sure to please their fanbase.

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