Sue’s Search for Food On ‘Life Below Zero’ Preview VIDEOS


TV Picks: Season 3 of the gripping dramatic docuseries “Life Below Zero” is set to premiere on National Geographic Channel this Thursday at 9pm. (April 9)

To survive the impending freeze, Sue sets off on a quest for food, chasing “ghosts of the tundra.”

Let’s just discuss Sue for a minute.

Sue Aikens survived a grizzly bear attack where she was left for dead six years ago.  She tells NatGeo: “I had to sew my own head together, my arm, and before my hips popped out, I went across the river, found the bear, shot him, called the trooper, and there I lay for 10 days.”

Holy shit! Sue is our hero of the millennia.  Sue had no idea (nor did we) that bears COULD come through the wall of her house and she knew she could not defend herself if they did.  She lives in the sticks about 500 miles from the nearest city and 80 miles from the closest road. Sue is the warden of Kavik River Camp, a base for hunting groups, that she also calls home. She’s lived there for seven years.

Props to you Ms. Sue and this raised beer is for you! We promise never to come to bear infested Alaska to visit.


Fall season in the Arctic means the final preparation is in full swing for the long winter months ahead. In Kavik, Sue sets off on a quest for food to survive the coming freeze. In Eagle, Andy and Kate race to get their fish wheel turning before the chum salmon run hits. With their annual caribou hunt on the horizon, the Hailstones build a cache to store their meat for the season. And in Chandalar, Glenn sets out on the most critical hunt of his year as he hopes to harvest a moose that will yield nearly six months’ worth of meat.

Watch Glenn: