Success is a Reality for Simon Cowell

Media mogul Simon Cowell plans to sell five new television shows across the UK and the US on the back of his success with reality TV talent shows. </P><P>In an interview with the <EM>Guardian</EM>, the 46-year-old Pop Idol judge insisted that there was still enormous potential for rolling out the kind of programmes with which he has made his name.</P><P>Simon Cowbell ("Pop Idol") has said in an interview he has five new shows lined up for sale to the UK and US markets.</P><P>Speaking to the newspaper he said he was working on a huge game show and several other reality shows.</P><P>It seems he has hooked up with Rupert Murdoch’s daughter and is working on a show for her Shine TV company; her father owns Fox TV who bought American Idol from Cowell to broadcast on his Fox TV.</P><P>However, Cowell’s ambitions are not limited to the West, he is looking to take the "X-factor" to Russia and is looking for partners to make that happen.</P><P>In conclusion he reckons he has only achieved 5% of what he wants to do, so we can expect a lot more from Mr. Cowell and his high waisted slacks in the future.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.