Stones start European tour in Belgium and stop traffic

The Stones rolled through Belgium on Tuesday as the iconic rock band started their European tour with a cheering crowd and a huge traffic jam. More than 33,000 fans showed up to see the Rolling Stones take the stage in the town of Werchter – which caused a 30-mile traffic jam and kept some fans bottlenecked in traffic for hours.

The Stones have announced plans to hold 30 concerts during its European tour – including the band’s first performance in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Singer Mick Jagger told The Associated Press the tour will feature “lots of new territories. Every show is different.” He further explained: “Europe’s a very diverse place … and so every time you get to the next city it tends to be a different language and different culture. Different this, that, so for me touring Europe in the summer is a really fun event.”

Jagger also told The Associated Press the band still loves hitting the stage and rocking even though they have been doing it for so long. He said: “It’s very odd because you live for the next show, which could be the next day. All the time you’re building up and in that way it’s akin to sports because you’re working up — you practice, you run about, you play the song, you rehearse, but the actual thing’s only two hours and then it’s over.”

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