Stephen Baldwin to Tom Cruise: “I’d like to give him a spicy Jesus roll”

Stephen Baldwin is that Baldwin, the extreme, Jesus loving, born-again that starred in Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore.  The guy who used to get his bong on.

Affable for sure, Stephen is the youngest sibling of the famous Baldwin boys, who are considerably less ardent about wearing their Christianity on their sleeve.

Massapequa, New York born, he was recently interviewed by Jordan Heller for Radar, and was stumped on every major baseline Christian pantry staple, such as naming the seven deadly sins: “what’s sloth?”  The Ten Commandments and naming the twelve disciples.

But hey bro, no nitpicking when the heart is in the right place, according to Baldwin.

Baldwin revealed he had issues with Irish rocker Bono, suggesting in his latest book “The Unusual Suspect” that he (Bono) should be preaching the gospel on MTV, and let God take care of Third World debt relief. 

“Let’s say those poor people in those poor countries are relieved of their debt, but they don’t know Jesus. Okay, so their life’s more comfortable, but then what happens, according to the Bible?”

Tom Cruise and his “devil” religion (according to Talladega Nights Ricky Bobby) don’t get off the Baldwin hook either.

“Let me just start a little trouble here. On the Hollywood list of people I pray for often, Tom Cruise is probably No. 1. All I have to say to Tom is, God bless ya, I hope you’re having fun… I’d love to break bread with him and pray with him, and I’d love for the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the truth to him. That would be an awesome thing. I remember Tom back in the day. I did Born on the Fourth of July with him. And he’s a very different guy now.”

Baldwin laments that Cruise is buying his own hype, too insulted from reality to understand what a parody he has become.  “That regular Joe quality seems to have been lost. When you buy enough of your own hype, then it’s not who you are anymore. It becomes about how you’re perceived. I’d rather be young little sweet little Jesus Freak Stevie B any day of the week.”   Heller’s entire interview :

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