Starbucks pushes into music with new label

Starbucks isn’t just selling coffee thanks to an announcement the corporation would launch a new music label that is based on its existing Hear Music brand. The new label will be a partnership with Concord Music Group – which already controls several other music labels and helped the coffee retailer with its efforts to sell the Ray Charles duet album ‘Genius Loves Company.’

Starbucks’ Hear Music Label will not just add the Starbucks name to existing albums, but will now find its own artist to sign and record original albums to sell in Starbucks stores and other retailers. There have been no official statements concerning who might already be signed to the new Starbucks label.
In addition to the Hear Music label, Starbucks has also opened four hybrid Hear Music Coffeehouses that offer customers a chance to purchase music, and burn music CDs. The company also has a branded page at Apple’s iTunes store.

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