Star Trek: Enterprise: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor’s Wing – Book Review

The Kobyashi Maru has been lost and Captain Jonathan Archer is trying to deal with the guilt he feels from having not been able to save her, and also with the seemingly endless threats to planets that form the new Coalition. 

Starfleet has vowed to protect these planets and in doing so has threatened and therefore angered the Romulan Star Empire.  Archer discovers that the Romulans have perfected a way to gain remote control of the starships of Coalition allies, turning them to battle the very planets they have sworn to protect. 

The Romulans know this is a way to turn friends quickly into enemies and an attempt to create interstellar peace into chaos and confusion, the better for them to swoop in and take over the crippled colonies. 

In the midst of this, Earth’s greatest allies the Vulcans have unbelievably chosen not to honor the Coalition stance, or provide assistance to any of the members attacked by the Romulans.

In this fast paced adventure of war and diplomacy, relationships and crumbling alliances, Captain Jonathan Archer and his ship and crew are forced to become the only force that stands against the eradication of the human race.